Storm Front, Part II

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Storm Front, Part II

This is episode 2 or Tea, Earl Grey, Hot ! In this episode, Dave and Yannick have a guest ! Michael Tunnell, from, host of This Week in Linux, co-host and producer of Destination Linux, joins the team to review “Storm Front, Part II”, the second episode of the fourth season of Star Trek : Enterprise.

After that, Michael shares his thoughts about different Star Trek series. Then he talks about his podcasting experience. And finally answers our series of “rapid fire” questions.

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1 thought on “Storm Front, Part II

  1. CubicleNate

    Just some comments about “percentage of up” in a particular piece of equipment. I can’t speak for 22nd or 23rd century technology but in military equipment, they are able to operate in a degraded state. An example, a generator which is normally able to output X Kilowatts of power may have had some of the infrastructure around it degraded, wires or the like or itself damaged. Even operating in a “battle override” state, it may not be able to produce “X” power anymore and and can only be relied on for a percentage of that and either another generator needs to be brought online or things need to be shut off. Reduced power output also degrades the effectiveness of radio or radar equipment and can make for further degraded capability. It wouldn’t be difficult to apply a percentage metric to that.

    On Deep Space Nine, I wish they would have had Next Generation go longer and have more crossovers between the two series. I really feel like having those two, instead of starting Voyager, would have been made for much better story telling with BOTH of the series.


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