Storm Front

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Storm Front

Episode 1 is finally here ! In this first instalment, Dave and Yannick review Storm Front, the first episode of season 4 of Star Trek : Enterprise. Then they go over some news items. And finally they have a discussion about whether or not the Kelvin timeline is canon.

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1 thought on “Storm Front

  1. CubicleNate

    Great episode! I really enjoyed it and you both sound great! About discussing the Kelvin Timeline, I could care less if it was ever talked about again until the end of time. However, I am not in favor of shutting down conversation. So, if you feel like it is relevant, talk about it but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make it a topic of a show.

    Great discussion on Storm Front. I haven’t seen it since 2013 but I have the DVD boxed set. I think the writing on that show was pretty decent and the story arcs on the characters was well done.


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