Help us

Here are various ways you can help us spread the news of our existance :

  • sticking a banner on the back of your dog ;
  • sticking a post-it with a magnet at the cafeteria ;
  • painting the name of our show on the door of your car ;
  • singing the name of the show in the PA system at your local supermarket ;
  • writing the name of the show on the front of your house with a lot christmass lights ;
  • sending the name of the show via morse code over the ocean ;
  • changing the words of your favorite Christmas Carol to include the name of the show ;
  • painting the name of the show on a football field so it can be seen from the international space station ;
  • inserting a card with the name of the show in each present you will offer for Christmas ;
  • wishing every one you know a very Happy New Year on our behalf ;
  • writing the name of the show on the side of a million Nerf bullets, and building a high-speed rapid-fire auto-loader which can be set off from the International Space Station ;
  • writing the world’s most prolific, and fastest spreading, ransomware, stating that they must visit and share our website ;
  • writing the name of the show on a lot of Post-Its and covering the road signs in your area ;
  • swapping your kid’s lunch box with a box full of stickers with the address of our website.

P.S. : those are jokes ! Please do not engage in illegal, or dangerous – or both – activities to support the show ! Instead, you might want to support us on Patreon, or just by sharing the address of this website on social media. Thank you, we love you !