3×24 Zero Hour

The Xindi weapon being destroyed, Archer believed dead, Shuttlepod 1 arrives back on earth, being shot at by what looks like a squad of fighter jets led by a German version of Saru!


Archer is not dead, and is being escorted by a German general on the back of a truck which is then ambushed by insurgents. Archer takes tis opportunity to try and escape, but is shot at, and subsequently captured by what looks like an American gangster.

The Enterprise intercepts a broadcast from Winston Churchill addressing … well, we don’t know. It could be Britain, it could be the world. Trip is convinced that they’ve travelled back in time, but T’Pol, obviously refusing to back down the Vulcan line that time travel cannot exist, orders a full diagnostic of the ship, much to Trip’s annoyance. Mayweather suggests that this might not be an accident, and that maybe the Enterprise has been sent there for a reason. T’Pol, interestingly, doesn’t dismiss this suggestion.

Some weird dude is climbing along the ceiling of one of Enterprise’s walkways.

Two German officers are discussing (in English, mind you) the recent events, and they start to talk about Archer. One of the officers believes that Archer’s communicator is from the future, leading them to believe that Archer is a temporal agent. They can’t understand how he might have found them.

In the captain’s ready room, Trip apologises to T’Pol about his behaviour earlier, frustrated that he thought they were going home. They start to think about where they might have been but for the current situation. Reed enters the room reporting that there have been battles in two US states, even though there were no battles in North America in WWII.

Phlox and Porthos are in medical. Porthos is not eating, and Phlox is trying to cheer him up, and offers to get a steak from the galley. Suddenly, someone stumbles into sick bay and collapses in Phlox’s arms.

Archer is lying on a couch and is being attended by an unknown female. Archer wakes up and panics, not knowing where he is. The woman identifies herself as Alicia Travers ([Golden Brooks][gb]). Archer explains how he got where he is. She assumes he’s a sailor due to the Enterprise patch on his uniform. Alicia reveals that it’s 1944, but hasn’t heard of WWII before, but likes the name. She also reveals they’re in Brooklyn, NY.

Shot of the White House with flags of the Third Reich adorning the front of the building, and flying from the top of the building. Inside, we’re watching a film of weapon demonstrations between an unknown alien race officer, and a human one. The alien officer is demanding supplies, but the human one isn’t happy about diverting materials from the war effort. We see a map of the United States, showing the progress of the Nazi front on the East Coast, covering about 8 states. He human officer provides an update on Africa and Russia also. The alien officer offers the opportunity of a plague that would be targeted. He suggests that their ideals are aligned. The alien officer again demands his supplies.

Back in medical on the Enterprise, Phlox is discussing his unexpected patient with T’Pol. It looks like it’s Daniels – the temporal agent that’s been popping up throughout the seasons of Enterprise. Phlox explains that some of his body has aged excessively, whereas other parts are almost foetal. He has no theories, and puts a 24 hour lifespan on him. T’Pol suggests that it might be Daniels that brought them to where they are.

Back in Brooklyn. we see “gangsters” walking through the streets as a German officer seems to execute a member of the public. They knock on the door of Alicia’s apartment, and she approaches with a gun concealed behind her back. She let’s them into the apartment. The apparent leader of the gangsters, Sal, say’s that Vic (assumedly one of their gang) has been arrested. The gestapo is looking for Archer, and Sal is demanding to know why there’s a $10K bounty on Archer’s head. but Archer doesn’t know… he says “it’s classified”, and doesn’t crack even with Sal’s gun pointed at his head. He says they’re on the same side. Sal says that if Vic breaks under questioning, Alicia’s apartment may no longer be safe. The gangsters leave.

Back in sick bay, Daniels in conscious, but Phlox doesn’t know for how long. T’Pol tells him that Archer is dead (as they still believe he is), and Daniels admits to her that he is responsible for taking them back in time. The temporal cold war has progressed into conflict, and temporal agents have been ordered to change history to prevent factions from wiping each other out. T’Pol explains that the WWII that they’re witnessing is not the one that is recorded in history, but Daniels suggests that this is the result of various incursions happening at different times. Daniels explains that they can’t go back to their own time, as it doesn’t exist as they knew it. Daniels says, “you have to stop him” but before he can reveal who, his health goes critical.

Archer speaks to Alicia about the non-human German officer, she doesn’t appear surprised. Sal may know more.

Trip encounters Silik in the shuttle bay, and fights with him. Silik does a headshrinker trick, and shoots Trip. The bridge gets an alert that someone is launching a shuttlepod. Lifesigns indicate Suliban is aboard.

In NY, German soldiers take an interest in Archer and Alicia, because he’s walking with a black girl. As they get away from them, the soldiers throw taunts at them.

Back on the bridge, they’re trying to work out why Suliban escaped on a shuttlepod, and why he saved Trip’s life.

Sal takes Archer and Alicia to see a chap about a character who is asking questions about both parties in the war. Turns out it might be our non-human friend. Trip and Travis beam down to earth. Our non-human friend approaches Sal and Archer. He’s quickly disarmed and brought out into the light. Trip and Travis locate the missing shuttlepod. Archer tries to interrogate the alien, asking why they’re changing the future. Sal’s goons are getting itchy. It turns out the aliens are being trapped by the Germans, and they’re trying to build a conduit to escape. The alien knows that Archer is a “temporal agent” as they detected his ship in orbit. One of Sal’s goons shoots the alien dead. The shuttlepod won’t fly, could be a week. Archer, Alicia, and the goons are now out past curfew. The Germans start shooting, and Sal is down. There’s a shoot-out, as Archer uses the alien’s communicator to contact Enterprise. Trip and Travis destroy the shuttlepod, killing some nosey Germans in the process. Trip and Travis are captured by the Germans.

On the bridge, they receive Archer’s call… as they’re caught by another German alien officer, they’re beamed away, leaving the Germans shooting at air. Archer and Alicia are now on the Enterprise. Much welcoming from the crew. Archer gives the alien communicator to T’Pol in the hope that they can monitor their transmissions. Archer speaks with Daniels, who tells him about Vosk, the leader of a faction opposed to the temporal accords. Vosk can apparently time travel with stealth. Daniels sent Enterprise to this timeline as that’s where Vosk can be stopped. If they succeed, the war will never have happened, and the timeline can be restored. Vosk’s trip was one-way, hence the need to build a conduit to return. Daniels died.

Trip and Travis are presented to the alien General and are taken away for questioning.

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