Storm Front, Part II

The episode starts with black and white a news real, presenting the first visit of the German chancellor to New York. There he received a warm welcome, visited the big apple, and was given the keys to the city at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. He then gave a four hour speech to the city leaders, in favour of a prosperous alliance between Germany and America. The sequence ends with the Reich flag and the American behind hoisted on the same mast, the American one below the other.

After the credits, we are in the White House, still semi destroyed, and wearing the colours of the Reich. The German general and Vosk are arguing about “the squadron”; the German general wants it deployed immediately, Vosk says it’s not ready. The German general threatens to stop providing Vosk with supplies, and Vosk says that it would be a shame if his weapon was to fall in the hands of the allies. He tells the officer he can erase him from history if he ever feels the urge to threaten him ever again. The German general is speechless and his face shows fear.

Back on board the enterprise, Alicia and Archer have a discussion, and he tells Alicia he can send her anywhere in the world. But she chooses to go back to her neighbourhood to help others. Archer tells her that Trip and Travis are missing, she offers to put the word out and try to locate them. Alicia then tells Archer he could wipe the germans off the face of the planet with the power of the Enterprise, but of course he refuses and say he’s going to do it another way.

Back to Vosk’s lab, he and his new lieutenant agree on the fact that the Enterprise crew are not temporal agents. The scientists run a test, but it fails once again. Vosks admits he doesn’t trust the germans, and he’s never gonna give them any weapon. Then he asks that the prisoners get medical attention. The sequence ends Silik crawling on the ceiling of the cell, and falling on Trip’s face.

Back on the Enterprise, Malcolm found out that someone assassinated Lenin in 1916, setting up a chain of event the lead to the current situation. T’Pol points out that Vosk and his men only arrived a few years ago, so he could not be the responsible for the death of Lenin. Malcolm says that Lenin’s assassin was never caught, and according to some witnesses, vanished into thin air. Archer is called to the bridge, as Hoshi receives a transmission from Vosk.

On the bridge, Vosk proposes to discuss with Archer in a “neutral” place about the prisoners. Archers is sceptical, and points out that Vosk was willing to kill him not too long ago. Vosk says that the situation has changed, and gives Archer and hour before the meeting.

Back on earth, Archer beams down with two armed security men. Vosk shows up, and surrenders the prisoners. Archer sends them back to the ship and stays behind to talk with Vosk. He wants to know what Archer knows about him. The captain tells him pretty much everything he knows. Vosk says that it’s only one side of the story, that Daniels and his group are a tyranical sect, imposing their will on other cultures throughout the timeline, manipulating it for their own good. When Archer says Vosk is no different, he replies that at least he doesn’t hide his intentions. He goes on saying that time travel technology is no different than the one of a warp drive, and should be utilized to the benefit of all species, to improve them through careful manipulation of historical events. He also tells Archer that he can send him back to his century. When Archer says his century doesn’t exists any more, Vosk says he will reverse the damage to the timeline once he defeated the temporal agents. He is however limited by the current technology, but with the help of the Enterprise he could go much faster.

Back in sick bay, Phlox conducts a medical exam of the prisoners. He hands a tablet to Archer, who starts acting strange around Trip. Phlox discretely presses a button. Archer, Trip and Travis continue the debriefing, until Trip attacks the captain. They fight, and Trip – who is in fact Silik – escapes, but is incapacitated by the security guards.

On earth, Alicia tends to Carmine’s wound, and Sal’s death is confirmed. Carmine says that there’s a rumour that Alicia and Archer disappeared into thin air just before they got caught, but she replies it’s crazy. He says that he didn’t believe it either, but he didn’t believe in german maritans before he saw one. He then pulls a communicator out of his pocket and ask Alicia what it is. She says it’s a radio, to talk to Archer. Carmine wants to know where he is.

On the Enterprise, Silik is in the brig. Archer comes to visit and asks questions. Silik won’t answer so Archer does it himself. He says Silik’s benefactor wants the technology to time travel, and somehow got wind of Daniels sending the Enterprise to defeat Vosk. So Silik went on for the ride, stole some important information from Vosk, and tried to get out of there using the Enterprise. Silik denies everything, but implies he knows where Trip is.

Back on Earth again, Trip is in a small room, probably hidden there by Silik. Vosk calls the Enterprise to tell Archer a large amount of data was stolen. Archer informs Vosk the thief is Suliban, and is in custody. Both parties threaten each other by playing “my gun is bigger than yours”. Vosk wants an answer to his proposal, which Archer turns down. Vosk shots his plasma cannon to the Enterprise, the Enterprise returns fire, but retreats out of range.

Malcolm informs Archer that the engines are down. Archer tasks T’Pol to analyse the stolen data to find a way to disable the compound’s shields, and goes visit Silik in the brig. The tells him they are both going to get Trip back. Silik accepts, but only because Archer plans on destroying the compound.

T’Pol found a way to disable the shield from inside. Archer tells her to give them 10 minutes after the shields are down to destroy the complex. T’Pol points out that the targetting arrays are down, Archer tells her to do what she can. Dressed as civilians, Archer and Silik beam down.

In Vosk’s facility, the German general comes bearing direct orders from the F├╝hrer to take command of “the squadron”. Vosk asks for six hours to prepare the weapon. Once the German general has left, Vosk tells his lieutenant to begin preparations for their departure. Meanwhile, Trip manages to escape.

Archer and Silik, who changed his yellowish skin to an ordinary human one, are walking in the street at night, avoiding being seen. They end up rejoining with Alicia and Carmine.

On the Enterprise, Hoshi and Malcolm detect what could be an ally attack. T’Pol asks for a status report, and learns the engines are only 36% up, and still no targetting array.

On earth, Archer explains to Carmine that the facility is a weapon manufacture. Carmine is not convinced he should help Archer, but Alicia says she will, and ask Carmine whether or not he wants to help her.

In the complex, Vosk addresses his people. Carmine and his men ram the complex’ fence with a car, bullets start flying in both directions. Archer and Silik manage to get inside the complex. Alicia arrives to help Carmine hold the german soldiers off. Vosk tells his lieutenant to let the germans deal with that and to continue preparations. Archer signals the Enterprise that is almost at the console, T’Pol responds the Enterprise is going to have to get closer to shoot at the complex. Archer manages to deactivate the shields. The Enterprise dives into the atmosphere.

More shooting between Archer and some german soldiers. Silik asks for a weapon, Archer responds he only has one. All of a sudden, Silik has disappeared, only to fall on two german soldiers and still their weapons. Unfortunately, a thirs soldier shoots him in the back multiple times. Archer shoots the soldier, but Silik is in bad shape.
Vosk’s lieutenant announces that the Enterprise has entered the atmosphere. Vosk want to deploy the squadron, but the German general arrives at that moment and objects that the squadron is going to the front. When the German general tells Vosk his taking command of the facility, Vosk kills him and two soldiers in cold blood. Archer tries to contact the Enterprise but they can’t receive the transmission. Silik who now have recovers his appearance, dies in Archer’s arm. Trip arrives at the scene, but thinks Archer is Silik. Archers shows him Silik’s body, and Trip realizes his mistake.

The enterprise is still 100 km away from the complex but still can’t get a lock. Malcom switches to visual targetting. Archer rejoins Carmine and Alicia, and they all fallback. Alicia tells Archer to fix everything so she can get her neighbourhood and her husband back. The Enterprise is attacked by german bombers – the squadron. Malcolm thinks the Enterprise doen’t have anything to worry about, but the bombers have been retrofitted with laser cannons. Archer enters the bridge and asks for photonic torpedoes. Inside the facility, the conduit opens and holds. The Enterprise, now flying over New York, is about 1 km out. Vosk gets on the platform and enters the conduit. Malcom shoots at the building as the Enterprise flies by. Vosk screams a very Hollywood “nooooooooooooo!”

Then, we are back with Daniels, who tells Archer he did it. Vosk is dead, he never got back to his own time. The timeline is now restoring itself. Archer tells Daniels he doesn’t want to deal with him any more. He just want to go back home. Daniels disappears and Archer is back on the bridge. On the Enterprise’s screen we can see the Earth. Hoshi picks up multiple signals form Earth, and T’Pol detects dozens of ships coming towards them. Archer asks if they look friendly, and the episode ends on a view of the Enterprise surrounded by friendly Terran and Vulcan spaceships.