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Here’s episode 3 of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot ! In this episode, Dave and Yannick review Home, the third episode of the fourth season of Enterpise. After that, they have a quick discussion about the abbreviations of two Star Trek series. Then they go over some news items.

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Once again, huge thanks to Michael Tunnell for joining us on last week’s episode. And thanks to all our listeners, we are very grateful you chose to spend a little of your precious time listening to our shows !


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  1. CubicleNate

    I appreciated the “Home” episode as it had some similarities to the Star Trek:TNG episode “Family” following the Borg attack in “Best of Both Worlds”. I think what is often lost on a lot of movies and TV shows is the affect a traumatic incident has on “heros”. Archer’s response to being a hero is very much an accurate depiction of how the large majority of people are that serve in a combat situation. That struggle you see with Archer is so well done.

    What makes Star Trek (the good series) great is that they are truly timeless. The story telling the serious yet light hearted nature of dealing with real issues makes Star Trek good for the soul. Our hero on the screen may not always make the right decision but what is good is that they face their decision with honor and you are almost forced to respect them for that decision, regardless.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see this kind of story telling with Discovery, I am hoping that we will with Picard.


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