The Forge

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The Forge

In this episode, Dave and Yannick review The Forge, the 7th episode of the 4th season of Star Trek Enterprise. After that, they ask listeners to send their “Because of Star Trek …” stories, and then go over some news items.

Call to action

Similar to what @DaveJackson does on, we’d like to hear your “Because of Star Trek” stories. Did something happen to you because of Star Trek ? Did you meet someone ? Were you offered something or an opportunity ? We want to know ! Send us your stories via email, Thanks !

In this episode

  • Dave’s review of The Forge.
  • We want to hear your “Because of Star Trek …” stories .
  • Aron Eisenberg, who played Nog in Star Trek : Deep Space Nine, passed away on September 21, at the age of 50.
  • ST:PIC is not a sequel to ST:TNG, Patick Stewart said. About 20 years have past since Next Gen, and Picard is not in contact with many of his former crewmates. Also, don’t expect the whole crew of the Enterprise to be back together. Only some characters will come back, but won’t probably have a big part in the story.
  • Will Data be Data on ST:PIC ? In an interview at ComiCon 2019, Brent Spinner said that Data will be in the show, but not on every episodes, and that “what you think happens is not what happens”. Spinner did not say anything else, so we will have to wait until the series come out to learn more !
  • It is Avery Brooks’ birthday today, on the day of recording. He played Captain Sisko on ST:DS9 and he his one of my favourite captains. Happy Birthday Avery Brooks !
  • Talking about anniversaries :


Once again, huge thanks to Jason for joining us on last week’s episode. And thanks to all our listeners, we are very grateful you chose to spend a little bit of your precious time to listen to our show !


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