Maps and Legends

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Maps and Legends

In this decaffeinated episode, Michael Tunnel, from TuxDigital and the Destination Linux Network, joins Dave and Yannick. They review Maps and Legends, the second episode of the first season of Star Trek Picard. After that, they have a chat with Michael about almost every Star Trek series.

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3 thoughts on “Maps and Legends

  1. Alin

    I am 50% sure that it will indeed turn out that some Romulans somehow created the Borg :).

    I came to the same conclusion on my own, before hearing it in this episode of the podcast, and I was like 75% certain of this… but this was before I heard Michael’s counterarguments :).

  2. Yannick

    Thanks Alin for taking the time to leave a comment ! We greatly appreciate.

    There is no evidence in previous series, namely TNG where the Borg were introduced, that the Romulans created the Borg. And I agree with you, Michael’s arguments are pretty strong !
    However, who knows what the future has in store for us ??
    Thanks for listening to the show !
    Cheers !

    1. Alin

      Yes, I’m pretty sure that there were no signs in any of the previous trek shows that Romulans had anything to do with the Borg, but I would never expect anyone (writers) to set the stage for some big reveal for a potential continuation TV show many years in the future.

      This idea came to me after some scene, I don’t remember exactly which one, but there were previous scenes that built up to this idea forming in my head.

      I’m afraid that Michael might rage-quit the series if I’m right :).

      One more prediction (who knows, maybe an original one this time): Zhaban will turn out to be a Zhat Vash member / operative :).


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